The Benefits of an Invisalign® Smile Transformation

Shutterstock-Invisalign.jpgSmiles are one of our most expressive features, so why not let your smile shine as much as you do? If you are looking to boost your smile through a discrete, convenient, and effective treatment, Invisalign®may be right for you. To date, over 6 million individuals in the United States have trusted Invisalign®for their smile transformations, and now, we want you to learn more about the incredible aesthetic and wellness benefits that this treatment offers. We’ve gathered a few of the benefits of Invisalign® treatmentand how it effectively balances health and beauty to guarantee you a superior experience—without sacrificing comfort or style!

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Thanks to cutting-edge, clear-aligner technology, undergoing your Invisalign®treatment will be an experience you’ll love! Because of their nearly invisible, smooth nature, your aligners are comfortable to wear and less noticeable than the wires and brackets used by braces to shift teeth. Additionally, the Invisalign®process often requires a shorter treatment time and fewer visits to the dentist than other orthodontic treatment options. It’s no surprise then that Invisalign®boasts a patient satisfaction rate that surpasses that of nearly every other orthodontic treatment.

Because aligners are removable, Invisalign®provides patients with a greater level of flexibility and freedom in their lives. Patients are allowed to remove their aligners during mealtimes and while cleaning teeth—meaning that no foods are off limits—so long as you follow proper removal, wear, and cleaning instructions given to you by your dentist. And, as long as you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day, you can live your life normally and feel confident that your Invisalign®is hard at work, perfecting your smile more each day.

Importantly, Invisalign®treatments also offer patients a plethora of health benefits in addition to cosmetic adjustments. Because many oral health and hygiene issues can be caused by misaligned teeth or malocclusion (a bad bite), Invisalign®can improve your overall health by targeting the underlying causes of many common smile maladies. If left untreated, malocclusion and misalignment can lead to a number of problems, including, but not limited to, teeth grinding, the painful temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ Disorder), and difficulty keeping your mouth or teeth clean. Since even a single misaligned tooth can become a barrier to proper brushing or flossing, Invisalign®provides patients with better treatment outcomes, optimized both for improved smile health and aesthetics.

Ready to Experience the Invisalign®Difference?

If you are ready to join the 6 million other Invisalign®users who have loved their smile transformation, call us today at (614) 888-2563 to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to help you achieve your best smile yet!

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